Poly Lumber

Poly Wood Furniture

 No Maintenance such as painting and replacing.  Will not promote bacterial growth or mildew!


Would you like to eliminate the constant maintenance required keeping your outdoor furniture looking new, year after year? 


Poly Lumber products enhance the look and value of your outdoor living areas in full color with Amish built comfort and quality.

 Poly lumber is the result of intelligent minds thinking environmentally “green”.  This high quality product is made from recycled, tough, high density polyethylene plastic milk jugs and bottles collected at recycle centers.  The plastic is melted and mixed with various colors and UV stabilizer agents to prevent them from fading.  Next, the product is shaped into boards of the desired dimensions.  These boards are then shipped to our Amish craftsmen who are well known for his Amish craftsmanship and eye for detail.  He then shapes the recycled product into quality outdoor furniture that will never splinter, peel, rot, crack, or fade.

Enjoy the quality and comfort of outdoor furniture for years with no need to store it during inclement weather.  As for maintenance soap and a bucket of water are all that is needed.

 Poly lumber is a great Eco-Friendly choice.  Items that were once headed for a landfill will now enhance any back yard, poolside, patio, deck or garden.   

A variety of designs are available with numerous color combinations to choose from.  Take a look through the following pages to find the piece(s) best suitable for your home.  Please remember us for your next purchase of outdoor furniture.

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